“Wendy managed to open up the consumer mind of my target market and the feedback coming out of her focus groups and field tests guided our commercial success ”

M-C Cotton, MD Toolsmart – Brussels Belgium
“I have entrusted Wendy with line-extension research in France for one of my global clients in food and drink & trend spotting for a global technology client. I will happily recommend her to anyone who needs to tap into the talents of a culturally fluent insight expert.”

Jo Foster – Director – boom innovation Richmond UK

“Hands-on and competent, Wendy paved the way for us to export our product to the UK, growing our business double-digit within 12
mos! ”

J.K. Devries – Uw Tuin BVBA – Alkmaar Holland

“I have worked with Wendy for several years now on her multi-national projects which she manages, moderates and reports upon. Wendy is great to work with, and always on hand to deal with queries throughout fieldwork."

C. Allen - AD Plus4 Marketing LTD – London UK

“She takes the time to understand exactly what is needed from the research with good knowledge of the market and target concerned”

C. Allen - AD, Plus4 Marketing LTD – London UK

“Wendy’s research has been – and still is through skills transfer into our internal team- driving our new product development process”

D. Vandevelde – MetaloBel – Hasselt, Belgium

“Wendy didn’t only report back with the end user feedback we wanted; on top she provided us with new ideas galore! ”

B. Demoralis – Plastofix, Birmingham - UK

"I can happily recommend Wendy to anyone who needs to tap into the talents of a culturally fluent insight expert”

J. Foster , Director – boom innovation – Richmond, UK

" All it took Wendy was a set of clear research objectives and a deadline and you could count on her to come back with clear, concise and to-the-point feedback & a set of workable recommendations. "

V. Lecompte – MD – Malpart Belux SRL, Liege Belgium

Experts in import & export market research focussed on product, end user & consumer.

Our Research Services to ...


  • We support your new product development process and test your new concepts.
  • We assist in new idea generation and validation.
  • We execute product research and prototype field testing for you.
  • We research and analyse the needs, wants and profile of your end user.
  • We investigate and assess export- and import markets for you.


  • We can find and identify agents or distributors for your product in your chosen market.
  • We offer a vetting service to check out potential agents and distributors.


  • We offer training in qualitative research methods.
  • We guide your internal research team and aid with implementation of research strategies.
  • We can reinforce your existing team with a temporary research resource.
  • We execute your research project management (Prince2).


  • We can assess the risks & benefits of entering a new market.
  • We dissect your competition in your new markets.
  • We execute trend spotting and lifestyle research.


  • Add a trilingual insight gatherer to your freelance talent pool.
  • Engage as a Strategic partner or Associate.


  • For each project, research methodologies will be tailored-to-measure thus meeting the specific objectives and allocated budgets.
  • Our in-house expertise embraces in-depth interviews, one-on-ones, focus and discussion groups, observational research, voc & ethnograpy, creative and ideas workshops and desk research. Freelance specialist talent will be called upon if other methodologies are better suited.

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